Wednesday, 21 May 2014

4 months in...

We are well past the 4 month mark now. Sorry for not posting earlier, things have busy! Josh is sporadically back at school, he is doing his best with keeping on top of homework. He's having a few rough nights, not being able to sleep due to itchiness, especially in the recent hot weather.

He's taken up the drums! He likes having an instrument to play, the violin got left behind a long time ago with his attention span being particularly short due to itching. He finds it very difficult to concentrate on complex tasks. With the drums he's finally able to play music. He's been playing along with Dad and thoroughly enjoying himself. Its about time too!

After reading up on Tracy Scarpulla's blog, we've started Josh on a gentle course of active B vitamins and some sporadic use of Dr Fukuya's Skin Repair lotion. We think it has helped so far.

Here are some photos of Josh at the beginning of the May (sorry about the quality):

And here are some photos about a week ago, after adding B vitamins and the occasional use of the Skin Repair lotion:

We think there has been quite an improvement - although its hard to tell from these photos, hopefully by the end of next month the improvement will be quite marked. He is still very itchy and this has not died down much. Here's his calendar from April:

The pink days are when he has been extremely itchy, orange days are when he's been itchy most of the day and green are days when he's been only itchy occasionally. We are hoping for more green days in the future!


  1. It's always hard to see the young ones go through tsw but looks like Josh is such a trooper. Tell him he encourages me to be positive!! I cannot wait to see him all healed up! xx

  2. You and me both, Chi! Good luck with your journey too xx Louise

  3. I can see his face is not as wet as the before pictures - almost like his skin is starting to strengthen just a bit. Praying he starts to see some more improvements soon!

    1. Thanks Tracy, He's really back and forth at the minute but overall I think he's improving.