Friday, 10 October 2014

9 Months in...

Over the last couple of months Josh has been quite ill with a respiratory infection. During this time we were offered both oral steroids and antibiotics. We did not know what to do, he was unable to breath and awoke several times a night with asthma attacks. We decide against the oral steroids and used the antibiotics, hoping this would clear it. After another visit to the hospital we were told that steroids were no longer needed, but he was not completely cleared up.

We made a difficult decision and decided that he would resume using his steroid inhaler 2x a day. His cough went pretty much immediately and he didn't need his blue inhaler as much. I have read that other TSW sufferers have not experienced negative reactions to the brown inhaler - but whatever we believe I think it is too much to withdraw from both topical and inhaled steroids and might not even be necessary. Once TSW is over, we may find that his asthma is much less anyway and we can gradually reduce the brown inhalers.

Josh has also unfortunately suffered another flare during this time. His face was oozing around both cheeks and eyebrows and he had sore itchy patches develop on his arms, ankles, chest, neck and back. This is the first time Josh has had what I would describe as a full body flare. I am very thankful for this - as it looks like it has been a terrible ordeal for those that have suffered all over.

The past week Josh's skin has settled, his arms and ankles still need plenty of time to heal.

We are not too far away from a year, woohoo! Hope everyone is doing great!

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  1. His face looks great!!! This is helpful info - our daughter is on a steroid inhaler and we have been trying to figure out what to do - but coming off seems to dangerous. We will stick with it.