Sunday, 15 March 2015

Months 10 - 15

We haven't been posting as family life has gotten rather hectic! However, we have still been keeping record of Josh's progress.

Eventually I will post a quick view page where you can see photos of each month and the progression of his withdrawal.

Josh has been fine - he has had a few mini flares. The 13th month has been the biggest and has lasted into the 15th month. It's quite disheartening after he has been doing so well, but we are hoping that when the sun comes out his skin will improve greatly. Josh has not had any re-occurrence of asthma and he has gradually stopped taking the brown and blue inhalers. He has taken the blue very rarely, however we won't hesitate to return to the inhalers if he needs it.

Month 10:

Month 11:

Month 12:

Month 13 & 14, This is when flare started:

 Month 15, up to date:

 The flare certainly isn't as bad as previous early flares, but it has extended quite far around the body which is a lot like previous flares. We are hoping this will the last bad one. I hope that you are all improving and feeling better each day.

Take care!


  1. Josh has come a long way! I know it is hell on earth, but it will have been worth it in the end. I'm looking forward to his picture progression. Hoping the sunshine will bring lasting healing for both our sons.

    Wishing Josh continued endurance, strength, and healing,

  2. I haven't seen any of Josh's updates in quite a while. Sorry to see he's flaring but WOW he has improved so much (even with the flaring) from when I saw him last. Fantastic!

  3. Hello there,
    I am doing a follow up to a paper I wrote last year on 26 blogs about TSW in children, on which I will be doing a poster presentation next week at Northeastern University in Boston.

    I didn't see a current update on your blog, so would you please provide the following information:
    1) What month TSW is Josh?
    2) Are there still TSW signs/symptoms or just eczema or both?
    3) If you feel TSW is "over," at what month was it over?
    4) How are you managing current eczema, TSW, other skin issues.

    I sincerely hope Josh is thriving and doing well. The information you provide will one day help prevent TSA/TSW from happening in kids like ours.

    Thank you, and God bless!
    Rosemarie Curley

  4. I really do need to post an update. Josh is still pretty much the same - I try to take photos every month but when I don't Josh is usually at around the same level as he was. Can I contact you through email? I've invited you to hangouts, so hopefully we can swap emails and I can send you all details, latest photos etc and answer your questions. I can also update the site in time for your presentation! Let me know - Louise x