Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I'm not sure I should be posting this, but what the heck - we have to celebrate those little triumphs!
Josh's skin seems to be improving - and I am really happy about that. It could be that this is just temporary... we know TSW is long road. But still, we have hope.

We can see skin... finally!

His chin has nearly cleared up!

His eyebrows are looking much better!

Compare this to about a week ago:-

And you can see it has improved quite a bit. Plus ^ these pics were on a pretty good day. Josh is even well enough to go back to school. We all have a bit of a spring in our step - how long this will last we don't know.

Sleep is still disturbed quite a bit. There is still a lot of scratching, patting and rubbing going on - which reminds me, I have to wash his bed clothes again. But all in all, we are on an UP :)


  1. Oh wow.....Josh has come a long ways! How wonderful he can go back to school! No child should have to endure this! Makes me more and more angry with those pharms and derms!! Praying you all get some much needed rest soon!

  2. Thanks Tracy - it means a lot to Josh and all of us to have you rooting for him! I can't tell you how much anger, hurt, tears we've had over this - thought I'm sure you have a pretty good idea! xx

  3. Poor Josh!! So glad he is finally back on track though!xx