Sunday, 16 March 2014

Panic, relax, panic, relax...

This week has been especially trying. Josh's face has been pretty swollen. He's been very itchy and accidentally scratched his face quite deeply, one day, just prior to bedtime, before he had a chance to get his mitts on. Luckily it looked worse than it was and after a few salt baths it healed up nicely.

Then he had problems with his eyelids. They were quite swollen and sore, but have since settled which I am relieved about.

He's unfortunately had to miss school and his after school activities, including judo and his favourite - football. He's missed both training and matches and he can't wait till he can start goalkeeping again.

Things we have bought this week:-

  • Baby monitor (so we can keep tabs on him at night)
  •  Hand-held fan (to help cool his skin)
  • Face massage machine (to ease itching)
  • Dead sea salts (for baths)
  • Hot/Cold face packs (to cool skin)
  • 100% cotton bedding
 Its been a roller-coaster of a week this week with emotions running high and spirits running low. We are going to contact our health visitor next week and see if there is any she can do to help us.

His skin is quite swollen here, its settled down quite a bit now.

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